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emsCharts Technology

Maintaining hardware and software in today's quickly evolving industry requires a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. emsCharts offsets this high cost by sharing the technology in the back-end with all agencies involved.

Technology Latest Hardware and Software

As faster technology is developed, servers are upgraded and scaled to meet the demand of increased use. Server software is maintained with the latest revisions to ensure stability and performance. Major upgrades are tested on development servers prior to being released on production servers.

Clustered Web Servers

Multiple web servers are clustered together for scalability and redundancy. Servers can be taken offline without affecting the users currently online. During peak times, uses are evenly spread across the available servers to minimize any bottlenecks.

Multiple OC-3 Internet Connections

Bottlenecks are often seen when the servers are connected to the internet with slow connections. emsCharts uses redundant high speed connections (OC-3).

Oracle 10g RAC Database with Failovers

Performance and reliabilityare particularly important when choosing a database. Oracle 10g is a Relational Database Server that powers the majority of Fortune 500 companies today. emsCharts has heavily invested in the hardware and support to make our installation capable of high performance under even the heaviest of loads. With Oracle’s Real Application Clusters (RAC), multiple database servers are clustered for scalability and redundancy. Servers can be taken offline without affecting the users currently online. Data is spread across redundant hard drives and is protected against failures using backup servers and networks.

24 x 7 x 365 Manned Secure Data Center

The data center is manned 24 x 7 x 365 with information technology and security professionals. Every aspect of the data center’s operation is continuously monitored by our information technology professionals to guarantee internet and network operation. Multi-staged, computer-controlled access with video surveillance is monitored around the clock by our security professionals.

Backups Real Time Database Backup

Utilizing Oracle's 10g robust state-of-the-art Flashback and RMAN technology, real time database backups are performed daily to dedicated fiber optic high speed disk arrays. This ensures fast, transparent backups with maximum recovery options, including (but not limited to) Complete Database Recovery and Point in Time Database Recovery.

Database Exports to High Speed Arrays

Oracle Data Exports to dedicated fiber optic high speed disk arrays are performed as an additional data safeguard. These exports are performed daily as a supplement to the Real Time Oracle Backups. This safeguard is an additional measure employed by emsCharts to ensure against any potential data loss.

Tape Backup

All database backups and exports, including Oracle’s Archive Logs, are written to our LTO tape backup library. Library tapes are retained offsite for a period of 120 days in an environmentally controlled, secure vault.

Local PCR Archiving and Reporting

PCR archiving is available for download to your local system in html and .mdb (Microsoft Access) file formats. Custom local reporting can be easily performed with standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or any other application that is capable of reading the .mdb file format.