emsCharts SyncPen

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The Ease of Paper. The Power of Public Safety Technology.

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The emsCharts SyncPen is a high-tech meets low-tech solution that combines the ease and convenience of paper with the benefit of uploading documented data to emsCharts. Since the original form can be left at the receiving facility, there is no wasted paper. or time! All of the written information is transformed into data points in the patient record, imported into corresponding fields in emsCharts.com, and made available for further analysis and reporting. No redundant data entry is required.

The emsCharts SyncPen can be used as a substitute for fax machines and scanners. High quality, exact digital copies are produced and saved on the pen. The result is an inked copy to leave at the receiving facility, synched electronic data in emscharts.com, and a PDF attachment of the original form.

The SyncPen is so simple, hardly any training is required to use it. Introducing SyncPen to your crews presents no change to their existing workflow. Just write, and sync!

emsCharts SyncPen Features The Paper:

Almost invisible to the naked eye, the microdot pattern on your printed paper forms consists of numerous small dots that can be intelligently read by the emsCharts SyncPen. The unique dot pattern indicates the exact positions of the digital pen on the page, and distinguishes each page so that it can be sorted independently from another.

The Pen:

From ink to digital data: quick and easy! A digital pen looks and feels like a normal ballpoint pen. It differs, however, in that it contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor, and a mobile communications device for wireless connection.

What happens when you're writing? While writing, digital snapshots are automatically taken. Every snapshot - 75 frames per second - contains enough data to determine the exact position of the pen and what it writes or draws, including the time each pen stroke was made and on which form it was written. The data is stored in the pen's memory as a series of coordinates. The emsCharts SyncPen can store up to 50 full A4/Letter size pages of handwritten data, which is then seamlessly imported into emsCharts.

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7