Customer Testimonials

"When our report writing software crashed on New Year's Eve, we needed a replacement ePCR program fast. We looked at nearly a dozen vendors and emsCharts exceeded our documentation and reporting requirements in every way and it did so at a considerably lower cost of ownership. There were no upfront costs, no hardware or software to buy, and we were online in less than 72 hours. With no "per seat" licensing and no software to install we were free to concentrate on our business and forget about complicated installations, software upgrades, and maintenance fees.

Now our crews can create a chart from any Internet connected PC and the emsCharts online dashboard makes quality assurance reviews and billing a snap too. emsCharts worked for us!"

Randy Lesher
Thompson Valley EMS, Loveland, CO

"As the Medical Director for the Finger Lakes REMAC and the Chief Medical Director for Mercy Flight Central I have found that emsCharts allows me access to so much more information than before. In a few minutes each morning with the reports generated I know everything that my services did in the preceding 24 hours. With the special reports generated I am aware of certain med uses, procedures, or problems that arose. It saves my crews and myself time and keeps me much closer to what is really happening. Utilizing emsCharts I communicate with my crews quickly and efficiently. The feedback from all providers has been extremely positive!"

Jack B. Davidoff, MD, EMT-P
Medical Director
Finger Lakes Region & Mercy Flight Central

"Last year I found myself in a critical position as far as prehospital charting was concerned. The City of Allentown EMS is the third largest city 911 service in Pennsylvania and we had a records management performance deadline to meet. As manager of this dynamic and progressive organization, I was faced with having to move away from our own home-built system of charting that we used successfully (and happily!) for over twenty years. What we needed was a new solution that would allow us to do NEMSIS reporting, we needed a significant amount of charting customization, the new solution had to handle numerous closing rules to validate data entry, and it had to have the ability to create extensive ad-hoc reports. And if that wasn't a challenge in and of itself, it had to seamlessly integrate with our City's CAD system in real-time. We had to use little to no internal IT support, we needed a mobile product, training and documentation warehouse, certification reporting... and we needed it right now. emsCharts provided all of the above and more, in our timeframe, with a minimum of disruption to the ebb and flow of our busy service. The City of Allentown is on-line with emsCharts, and this correspondence is one that offered no complaints and all praise for a product and a service that is second to none."

Dave Van Allen, NREMT-P, FP-C
Former Manager
City of Allentown Paramedics

"emsCharts has streamlined our quality review process. In many respects, emsCharts has become a focal point of our pre-hospital operation providing sound statistical information, chart review and an efficient means of communication. I would be remiss if I did not mention that the support staff is knowledgeable and kind. It's nice to speak directly with an individual when assistance is needed instead of pressing multiple buttons only to be able to leave a message on a digital device. Two thumbs up!"

Gary Harvat
Director, Prehospital Services and Patient Transportation
Forbes Regional Hospital

"emsCharts provides me with a powerful way to connect with my providers, allowing questions and discussions to occur through a secure medium. My observation has been that through these discussions providers become more engaged, inquisitive, and are able to learn more from each patient care encounter than previously. As Medical Director for eight agencies currently using emsCharts, this means that I can connect with more of my providers and me a more effective medical director while minimizing the time needed to locate paper charts or determine when a provider is working their next shift."

Jeremy T. Cushman, MD, MS, EMT-P
Medical Director, Monroe County, New York
University of Rochester School of Medicine

"emsCharts is probably the easiest, most thorough, and most expandable EMS data collection software that I have had the distinct pleasure to use! It is NEMSIS compatible and can easily integrate into many billing programs. By having a web based product, emsCharts insures seamless ease of tripsheet retrieval for our QA program at Mercy Hospital. The personnel at emsCharts are the very best at providing updates and help to better utilize this software. And updates are automatically sent and installed in the program. emsCharts is the future of data collection for Emergency Medical Services! Thank you and God bless..."

Charles F. Yelich, BS, EMT-P
QA Specialist, Division of Pre-Hospital Services
Mercy Hospital